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Spasutra is Spa Consultancy, owned by Ms. Reena Sheth & Ms. Amisha Sheth, having a successful background in hospitality & Spa Management, tourism marketing, Spa & Wellness tourism, and administration, spanning over 15 years. We are not only hands on tour operators, but also consultants/ strategic partners to resorts, hotel groups/chain, architects, destination & day spa developers.

About Us

Reena Sheth - Qualified as a Master Of Commerce, Trained as an Aromatherapist, Aesthetician & certified Hairdresser, Spa therapist, with over 15 years experience in the Beauty & Wellness Industry. Very passionate about integrating various alternative therpies to create unique wellness experiences & treatments. Creation of Spa menus & customizing Spa Itineraries (spa / wellness tourism) are her specialities.

Amisha Sheth – Trained in advance skin care & professional Make up. Also very keen in integrating alternative therapies to achieve dramatic results. Spa & wellness enthusiast, globe trotter & Spa experience blogger. Hospitality professional, specialising in Integration of ‘spa escapes’ during leisure, luxury or business travel for the stressed out traveler!


Spa awareness has grown enormously in the past few years. There is now an expectation when travelling to accommodate ones clients at a 'Spa Resort', Or to utilise the inner city 'Day Spa' to rejuvenate, reharmonise & rebalanceoneself from the daily grind. Our clients are demanding the highest level of wellbeing & pampering where indulgence is the new experience. The travellers of the world, locals with disposable income our clients, are 'spa educated'. Treatments today go a long way from a mere massage. There are wondrous full body exfoliations, desert salt scrubs, being cocooned in ochres & peat muds and wrapped in muslin, bathing in coconut cream and sea moss minerals, amazing head treatments and the euphoric, grounding experience of the gentle art of pressure point. Scotch hoses, the hypnotic pulsing Vichy showers, icy plunge pools, fragrant Geisha tubs, aroma-steam room pods and specially designed wet beds, a plethora of wellness at your disposal. Hence, the Wellness & Spa Industry is growing exponentially. With the rise in the polluted environments & stress levels, the need to relax & reconnect with one's essential self has been on the rise. Stand alone Spa, Day Spa, Spa resort, Hotel spa - many wellness centres & spas have made their presence felt globally with their exemplary services. Indeed many salons today look to convert their services to Spa services.

We, at Spasutra strive to help you create a Wellness Centre integrating our expertise with your vision, and also help the leisure & wellness oriented globe trotters around the world to find their peaceful sanctuary in the best of the spas around the world.

Vision & Mission

Wellness is not just of the body - but an integration of the mind & body with the spirit, integrating & resonating to their vital best; for the mind & body that is out of harmony means an unhealthy & unhappy individual.

A well crafted Spa offers a quiet & relaxing cocoon where one can unwind, release toxic wastes, let go of tensions, refresh & restore inner balance.

We at Spasutra, provide the full range of Healing & Rejuvenation Consulting Services working with an expertise in diverse fields related to Healing and Hospitality. We follow a proactive & people-oriented approach to gain best results.

Spasutra believes in working closely with developers & their key staff with a well integrated approach to wellness that addresses all aspects of healing & rejuvenation, to get a mutually clear understanding of the key issues which helps in operating the project to its optimum best.

It is important to be clear about the goals jointly with the owners & partners. Bringing all the concerned parties working together on same page helps generate a shared vision.

We share a passion for quality & constantly look to raise our own bar of excellence. Our approach is independent, responsive, objective, flexible & professional.

We assist in the delivery of fully operational new projects.

We also assist travelers in their need to find a restful sanctuary in any part of the globe that they wish to explore.

Spa Tourism – Just like medical tourism, Spa tourism has gained demand & popularity over the past few years. We are always striving to provide or customers with ‘something new’ in an endeavor to make them keep coming back to us. We conduct Spa tours within the country, crating groups of 8-15 people either from India itself, or abroad and take them to their chosen healing/relaxing centre/hotel, creating an interesting package for them by incorporating daily spa & relaxation rituals to de-stress and de-toxify them, planned according to their choice of place, buget etc. We also do outbound Spa tours to places such as Thailand, Eurpoe & Middle East.

The range of our consulting skills are customised to the needs of your organization and can include the following services:

Brief Feasibility Study - It includes Project Site and Area Evaluation. With the client's brief & our conceptual inputs, a Feasibility Study is made with detailed, descriptive projection of the facilities, services & ambiance.

Concept and Philosophy development - The Concept Statement addresses some operational issues. Focus here is on principal theme, the primary projection of the Spa which also determines the type of services to be provided.

Floor plan design & layout - Co-ordination & liaison with Architects, Builders, Plumbers, Electricians, Interior Designer. Also hiring Specialists for the design of wet rooms & wet room facilities. Concept Development and Facility Construction.

Marketing Plan – Customizing appropriate marketing plans & strategies after analyzing Internal/external point of sale/marketing systems & support. Also taking into account Target Market analysis/Competitor analysis, thereafter drafting a carefully structured Pre-opening launch plan

Spa Menu and Programme Development & Pricing Structure - customizing therapies, services & packages, brainstorming together with the owners to see if any special therapy package can be created which can be unique to the Spa. Preparing Cost sheets for the Spa Treatments selected in the Menu.

Creating signature blend of Aromatic oils to be used in various areas of the Spa.

Detox Foods & Herb Teas - Sharing knowledge & integrating nutrition & detoxifying Foods Menu into the Spa environment.

Creating Salon Menu - With the expanded scope of incorporating hair, facials, manicure & pedicure treatments permitting.

Developing a profitable retail environment.

Coaching & transferring the knowhow of the operating systems.

Sourcing Equipments & other materials - Identification, Selection & procuring of right Equipment - Jacuzzi, Sauna, Massage Beds, Trolleys, Pedicure Stations, Hair Spa & Shampoo Stations etc.

Sourcing suitable vendors for specialized equipments like Steam Bath & assisting in carrying out of installation.

Sourcing & procuring Spa accessories - Linen, slippers, ambiance creators, decoratives, spa music & therapy trays etc.

Sourcing & procuring of Salon tools & Accessories.

Developing/Sourcing & procuring & distributing suitable therapeutic skin care, Body care products like Aromatic Massage oils, Clay Wraps, Salt Scrubs, also hair care & nail products

Staffing - Recommending well trained staff either from India or from overseas as per the requirements including Therapist, Spa Supervisor, Spa Manager, Spa attendant etc. Recommending appropriate salary structure for the various staff members.

Scrutinizing the Staff & forward the suitable Resumes to the Employer for final selection

Arranging for the Interviews & also help in interviewing the staff

Involving suitable recruitment agency for this activity if required

We arrange for the training of the Staff through specific agencies conducting training programs for the Spa Staff.

Training of Staff- Although various staff members may have worked in different Spas, they still have to undergo training program to make them understand the special flavor of your Spa.

Each staff member should be made aware of the Mission, Vision & concept of the Spa, the various services offered by the Spa, & given the product knowledge for proper usage that can give best results.

Staff's proper & careful conduct is important to provide a memorable experience to your guests which they can then carry with them as a special memory & identify your spa with.